About us

Business fields

By applying technologies of artificial intelligence and machine learning such as deep learning to image processing, We are developing solutions to improve the print manufacturing business environment.


Image processing

High-speed image processing technology cultivated through image inspection


Deep learning

Advanced image recognition and image conversion


Printing manufacturing

Design proofreading, inspection of printed products, labor saving of manufacturing process

Research and development of elemental technologies and application examples

Suppress over detection of print quality inspection

We are working on automation of defect image quality judgment and defect image classification using deep learning.


Pre-press inspection

We are developing algorithms that dramatically improve the accuracy of data proofing and inspection systems for printed items.


About us

Company name
Taktpixel Co., Ltd. (タクトピクセル株式会社)
“Optimize work with technology and imagination”
“harmonizing team makes valuable products”
considerateness, toughness, independence, respect, honesty
CEO Omura, Shuji (大村周司)
CTO Tamaki, Teppei (玉城哲平)
COO Tsuji, Makoto (辻 誠)
〒 231-0015 Yokohama Daiichi Yuraku Bldg., 3F, 3-35 Onoe-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa, Japan


Omura, Shuji (大村周司)

Tamaki, Teppei (玉城 哲平)

Co-Founder. Mr. Tamaki has worked in molecular simulation, physical simulation related to semiconductor manufacturing, and image inspection software development for the printing industry, as well as experienced in planning and launching new businesses, sales, and customer support. Taktpixel Co., Ltd. was founded as a subsidiary of Sirius Vision Co., Ltd. in 2018, and became independent in the management buyout in 2019.

Tsuji, Makoto (辻 誠)

Over 20 years, Mr. Tsuji has been involved mainly in product development of Silicon Valley startup ICT companies and offering their penetration into the Japanese market. The product genre is involved in a relatively wide range from network products to Java development and security and is committed to promoting new businesses such as channel creation, end-user proposal business, etc., in line with product characteristics, organizational development, channel and customer creation. Rikkyo University Graduate School, MBA Completed.