“proofrog” is version control Web application tool for design data and share design data in one workspace. “proofrog” can not only manage the history of design data but also share design data correction requests and correction confirmation by using comparison function with any team.

Start “proofrog”

“proofrog” has 2 workspace types. One is for your own workspace will be imported your files. This workspace can manage your design files with historical and visual. Another one is for share and collaboration will be imported files by your team like to share for redesign or confirmation, etc.
If you import your redesign file into your workspace, you can compare differentiation two files. “proofrog” will indicate different points by visually with blinking or Red-Blue display.

File type; PDF, AI, pptx, docx, Tiff, PNG, PSD

Let’s share design data

In the shared workspace, you can invite your team members via User ID or Email address. Your every team member can request task and request for a redesign with comment. Your team members can confirm up-date data and file.

You can also use compare function in this shared workspace and manage files historically.

proofrog’s feature

proofrog’s screen capture

“proofrog” comparison features include simple image comparison and OCR text comparison. In addition to finding simple differences by image difference processing, we have developed a new comparison technology that balances proofreading of text information and proofreading of image information. In addition, files to be managed in chronological order, and corrections and defects in each version are displayed simply and easily. Not only the same file but also different types of design data can be used, so comparison work can be made more efficient for design data created between respects sites.